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My Cannabis Rx specializes in medical cannabis consultations and medical cannabis educational/consulting services.


Ms. Holly Stambaugh

Medical Cannabis Practitioner & Educator

Ms. Stambaugh has been a natural health practitioner for the last 18 years specializing in laser therapy (laser acupuncture) for smoking cessation, weight and pain management, and drug and alcohol addictions, and herbology. Adding medical cannabis consultations and education to her practice was a natural fit when many of her clients were using medical cannabis products with great success for relief from their medical conditions.

Ms. Stambaugh received her Medical Cannabis Practitioner Certification from Innovate Health & Wellness in August 2019, her Sell Safe/Qualified Cannabis Worker Certification from AGLC in October 2019, and her Cannabis Management, Quality Assurance and Edibles post-graduate diploma from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences in April 2021. She also completed the educational modules on the Fundamentals of Cannabis and the Fundamentals of Cannabis Psychopharmacology from the Michael DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research (McMaster University) in March 2021.


Medical Cannabis Educational/Consulting Services

We offer educational training sessions/workshops and other consulting services to individuals and groups in the medical cannabis field.

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